Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to stay in sync with others, at your level

I have found that sometimes, I need to communicate with others around me - colleagues, whether or not they're DBA's.

To do that, I use DDL triggers, Changed Data Capture, and Common Criteria Compliance (c3).

The benefits of that is using DDL triggers, I can monitor things at the system or database level.

Using CDC, I can track the progress of the objects as data is loaded.

There are two main benefits to the combination of these two technologies:
1. It is possible to manage them separately, and
2. When combined, it is possible to learn more about both what object(s) were made in the database, and what data changed in existing objects.

However, this is also the downside - CDC has to be set up in advance, knowing what columns I want to track, and the DDL triggers have to be declared in advance, as well.

In the next post, I'll walk through the steps to set up a sample version of each of these.

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