Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to stay in sync with yourself

When I try to stay in sync with myself, I find that it's usually for one of a couple scenarios, which normally I can handle by answering one of two questions:

  1. What did I do about X?
  2. Where did I put the answer to #1?
To that end, I use two tools, which are Agent Ransack, and WinMerge - usually in that order, too, which is kinda backwards to the way I listed the logical questions, above. You ever notice that when you're looking for something, your search isn't logical? Yeah, mine too.

So, Agent Ransack lets me find just about anything in any folder on my computer, and it's quite fast at doing it. 

The other tool of interest in this search is WinMerge, which is especially useful in the cases where I need to answer Time - Over - Time questions. That is, what did I do about this problem the last time I solved it?

For that, I use WinMerge to comapre either folders:

Or to compare files:

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