Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I wanted built-in, part 2

I am a responsible coder. Everywhere I’ve worked, if they haven’t had source control, I have championed the install of it. Even when it wasn’t possible, I have still campaigned to get it, because we all need insurance.


This sense of responsibility? Not so much when in my test lab, but still, I do check in and check out to provide myself sanity. And prevent myself from stepping on myself. I just don’t do it as often as I would, since I’m not worried about other people getting in there.

(Well, I am, but that’s what firewalls are for.)

So, in trying to connect to Team Foundation Server, I was reminded that I’m going to need to install two MORE packages just to chat with my own TFS install from SSMS.

First up, I have:

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer

Then, I have to install:

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 MSSCCI Provider 32-bit

Or, if I were on SQL 2012, I would need:

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 MSSCCI Provider 32-bit

And this is just so I can connect.

I want this built in – why isn’t this software on a web share as a part of the server install, so I don’t have to go back out to the internet and get it?

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