Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free software?

It really bugs me when free software functionality isn't included as a part of the base product.


For example, the Windows Essentials group of applications from Microsoft.

This seems, to me, for Windows 8 at least, to be not-quite-optional functionality that really has a place in the "installed by default category", with one large caveat. That is, if you're installing on a desktop.

And there is the other issue - why am I, with a mouse and keyboard on a laptop, having to suffer through gestures?

Perhaps in the dawning age of the tablet, I'm the odd man out for wanting a desktop, but really, let's face it. I LIKE having a mouse and keyboard. They allow me to function with an efficiency that currently just isn't possible any other way.

That said, I'd like my apps to be apps - getting redirected by a Fortune 500 company's website to their "full experience" on my Android phone is ridiculous. I also want my programs to be that - programs. Sized for the screen, not dependent on gestures, and for the love of Pete, to not assume a layout and control structure UI that requires a small screen to make any sense.

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