Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Build a VMWare Workstation 9 Home / Test Lab

So I’m building a test lab at home.

This post is going to grow to become a directory of the issues, I think, that I post about that over time.

For now, here’s the plan:

Dual Windows Domain Controllers
Separately from the two DC’s, SQL Server 2012
Windows 8 Client PC

…and all on Workstation 9.

I’m building them in order to test SQL 2012 in a domain, of course, because I want to just jump in log in with Windows Authentication to SSAS, and I can’t do that without a domain.

I mean, I think I can – I’ve seen some articles about cobbling things together to do so, but honestly, I don’t really want to. Really.

I want to get as close to “best practices” as I can with this setup, since that’s what I’m expecting the exam(s) to cover.

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