Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What if you KNEW

What if you KNEW your car was going to break down?

I don't mean you THINK your car is going downhill. I mean exactly what I said - you KNOW, for ABSOLUTE, for CERTAIN, that your car is going to break down.

To think of it another way, the "IF" has been handled. The only question now is "When?"

If you knew this, with confidence, what would you do?

Would you get a qualified estimate of "when" from someone who could guess better than you?

How would you prepare?

Would you look at other cars? Maybe take a test drive or two? Or sixteen?

Would you call your bank, to see what kind of financing you could get?

Are you the type who would start noticing everything wrong with your current ride, in order to begin preparing yourself mentally for the expense you're about to be hit with?

How about maintenance - would you stop maintaining the vehicle, or would you suddenly pay even better attention to the little repairs, hoping to stave off the inevitable day? What about the old saying "Clean it like you're gonna sell it, and you won't want to"?

Now, what would you do if it was your job that had a shelf life of six months?