Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lessons Learned from WoW: Vision

Warcraft's vision is easy to swallow.

It's easy to understand, and you can grasp it within minutes of playing for the first time.

The vision becomes personal or personalized very quickly, and seemingly anyone, IF A PLAYER, can internalize how the goals ("quests") align with the vision.

I describe the player vision as

"Get to level 80"

However, it seems to me the larger corporate vision is best described as

"Create an immersive environment that encourages social connection and self-accomplishment"

I find that creating a description that's easily digested by friends and family of my own vision for my own life is equally simple:

"Raise three model citizens"

However, the underlying version is much more complex:

"While successfully raising three model citizens, keep moving forward and evolving"