Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SSIS Performance Counters missing

Recently, I overcame an instance where my SSIS Performance Counters were missing out of PerfMon on my development machine. This made it incredibly hard to keep track of what was running and it's system-level impact once I kicked it off in SSMS. Sure, I can use the reports to see the messages and the overview report, yes, but what I really want is to know whether or not it's paging to disk!

Specifically, I want these

Buffers spooled
Buffer memory

So, I tried

Restarting Perfmon
Hey, sometimes the simplest solution is still the answer! It wasn't this time, though.

Reinstalling the counters
This involved a call to the command line. When I remember the syntax (or find it in my notes...) I'll update it here.

Setting the Performance Logs and Alerts service to start automatically
This didn't do anything, either, but it did set me up for...

Set the Performance Logs and Alerts service to use "Local Service"
It was in the process of re-enabling the perfmon service to use this account that I received a message to the effect of "Enabling this account to log on as a service". While I am still not sure which patch or update killed that ability, the SSIS counters now show up, and work as intended.

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