Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book List: Task 2.5 - Introduction

Here's what I want to do:
  • Take a string that I suspect is the title of a book, like "Huck Finn".
  • Send this title to Amazon's Web Service, the Product Advertising API, to see if it's valid.
  • Receive a response indicating the validity of this string as a title using number of matches to validate.

First, I want to do this manually. That, in and of itself, is not quick or easy. First, you have to sign up for an amazon account. That was simple, I already had one. My account was also already an associate, so that helped - I had poked around their site a bit already.

Then, you have to go to


and get your amazon.com account registered for Product API access.

That done, you then go back to


Where you can now access your security credentials, under the heading of "Access Keys". From here, you grab your two string-based access ID's, and save them off someplace. You'll need them again in a minute.

Now, head to http://associates-amazon.s3.amazonaws.com/signed-requests/helper/index.html

This is a web page that will allow you submit requests manually. It's a syntax checker! Woohoo! A button I can push! :)

Now, I put in the information, and it spits back the various information about the URL. This is cool! Copy and paste the URL from the bottom-most text box labelled "Signed URL" into a spare browser window, and POOF! You have a fully formed amazon result right there! Success!

Most of this information is covered in one form or another in the official "Getting Started Guide":


So, let's review:

You put in what essentially amounts to userid/password, along with some keywords, and out comes XML. SSIS's webservice component should be able to handle this no issue, right?