Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patching a VPC: Revisited

So after installing my VPC, and starting it up to update it, I realized it wasn't getting SQL Server updates.

Here's what I did to fix that:

  1. Click Start >> All Programs
  2. Click Windows Update
  3. In the Windows Update window, there's a link that says "Learn More" or "More Info"... click it
  4. This takes you to a Microsoft Page where you get to make a choice. While the verbage is designed to steer you towards picking their reccommended setting, as I understand it, either choice will upgrade your Windows Update to now include SQL Server.
  5. Click Install, and you should be brought back to the Windows Update window, where it should already have begun a scan of your local drive.
You'll know your update type changed if the section of the window "Most recent check for updates" now says "Never" instead of the date/time it held before.